46% of mothers made redundant blame lack of childcare, survey finds

Some 46% of mothers being made redundant blame a lack of childcare provision during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a survey from charity Pregnant Then Screwed.

The new survey of 19,950 mothers and pregnant women reveals that 15% of mothers either have been made redundant or expect to be made redundant and of those, almost half have said that a lack of childcare provision” played a role” in their redundancy.

In addition, 72% of mothers have had to work fewer hours because of childcare issues, and 65% of mothers who have been furloughed say a lack of childcare was the reason. Of the employed mothers surveyed, 81% said they need childcare to be able to work, but 51% do not have the necessary childcare in place to enable them to do their job.

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This research comes as the government feels pressure from across the political spectrum for failing to include childcare provision in its plans for economic recovery. Last week, PM Boris Johnson announced the reopening of workplaces just as schools break for summer holidays, drawing criticism from both the opposition and his own party.

Joeli Brearley, CEO and founder of Pregnant Then Screwed said: ‘On the 1st August we are expecting to hear from Boris that employers will be given “more discretion” to consider how their staff can continue working safely. But this completely ignores the realities facing women, that 51% of mothers simply do not have the childcare in place to be able to return to work .

“This lack of childcare is destroying women’s careers, they are being made redundant, they are being forced to cut their hours, and they are being treated negatively all because they are picking up the unpaid labour.”

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