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13,600 seasonal jobs reportedly remain unfilled

There are currently 13,600 unfilled seasonal jobs in the UK (as of 12 November), according to a study conducted by Adzuna, a job advert website.

Despite the number of vacancies falling by a third from last year’s number, a handful of firms remain hiring in vast numbers.

The Royal Mail has 1,524 of its 33,000 Christmas jobs still available, while 341 of the 11,000 opportunities at Tesco remain open.

While retail is usually one of the largest employers of seasonal workers, opportunities in the sector have fallen from 17% of overall vacancies in 2018 to just 6% this year.

Instead, logistics and warehouse positions have doubled from 2018 to account for 40% of all vacancies, due to a sharp rise in e-commerce.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder at Adzuna, said: “There are fewer jobs on offer than usual, with Retail positions thin on the ground and more people competing for each opening. 

“However, the pandemic has created some new seasonal opportunities. Delivery driver roles are plentiful, boosted by the Christmas online shopping boom.”

Also found in the report was that the demand for concierges and deep-cleaning experts has risen due to Covid-19 resulting in empty office buildings.

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